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Welcome to Cornerstone Christian Academy

At Cornerstone Christian Academy in Statesville, North Carolina, we believe each child is created uniquely.

We have low student-to-teacher ratios, high GPAs, and open enrollment is available at any time of the year. Our brand new facility, caring teachers, and unique learning environment rooted in the Christian way of life enable us to give your child an education that is based on his or her abilities and maximizes his or her potential.

Along with traditional subjects, including math, English, reading, and spelling, we also offer extracurriculars, such as Tae Kwon Do, football, ballet, music lessons, archery, and basketball.

At Cornerstone Christian Academy, your child will learn to succeed in life and become more like Christ.

Expand your Child's Horizons

We're a pre-K through grade 12 Christian school, where we believe each child is unique, and therefore, education should not be approached with a “one-size-fits-all” attitude. Cornerstone Christian Academy can expand your child’s horizons and help them realize that learning can and should be both fun and challenging.

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Well-rounded Christian Education

If you want your child to have a well-rounded education based on Christian values, you’ll love Christian Cornerstone Academy in Statesville, North Carolina.

About Cornerstone Christian Academy

At Cornerstone Christian Academy in Statesville, NC, we believe each child is unique and deserves a specialized education that maximizes their potential.

Cornerstone Christian Academy

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